Frequently Asked Questions

?Does MIDI sell directly from the factory?

MIDI does not sell directly from the factory to consumers. MIDI Dining Room and Audio Furniture is available at your local furniture retailer. MIDI is represented by « the best » retailers of the industry all over North America. The partnership that we have with this exclusive group of retailers ensures us that we will be able to deliver our product and thus to provide you with the support and service that will make satisfied customers out of you for years to come. To find a dealer near you, use our Store Locator.

?Does MIDI sell directly from the Web site?

MIDI does not sell directly from the Web site. This site is used as a reference of all the products MIDI has to offer you.

?Where can I buy MIDI products?

MIDI products are sold throughout Canada and United States. To find a dealer near you, use our Store Locator.

?Can I get prices from the Internet?

MIDI does not deal directly with consumers. Therefore, we cannot give out any prices. Please contact your local retailer to get information about prices.

?What are the shipping delays?

Usually, all of our furniture is delivered within 4 to 6 weeks.

?How can I receive wood or fabric samples?

Those items are available (upon request only) directly from your local retailer.

?Can MIDI answer my questions about a specific product or the warranty?

All of the MIDI retailers have the ability to inform you adequately on our entire line of products and our warranty. However, should any of your questions remain unanswered, feel free to Contact us.

?Can I buy some hardware (hinges, handles...) or furniture pieces (legs, drawers...)?

Take a look at our hardware and pieces on the Web site and then refer to your local retailer for a possible purchase.

?What happens if the product that I wish to buy is discontinued?

We cannot guarantee the continuity of a product or a style of Dining Room and Audio Furniture. We recommend that you verify periodically with your local retailer the availability of our products.

?What is the best way to clean my furniture?

We recommend that you use a slightly damp cloth for the daily care of your furniture. Should your furniture need a thorough cleaning, please use a mild soap that will not damage your furniture. No wax or polish should be used. Though your furniture is protected with the Ecoplast coating, we suggest that you use coasters to protect your furniture against heat and dampness.

?How can I become a MIDI retailer?

Please Contact us by e-mail and let us know your intentions. One of our representatives will contact you afterwards.

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